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Jeff Andrus

Director of Client Services, British Columbia.

As Director of Client Services, British Columbia., Jeff brings more than a decade of political and communications experience to S360’s Vancouver team.

Jeff leads S360’s B.C.’s event production, materials development, regulatory compliance and meeting coordination efforts on behalf of clients. Jeff combines years of experience in corporate and political leadership, and strong relationships with key staff across the BC government and BC municipalities, with a meticulous capacity for organization.

An alumnus of the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto, Jeff brings experience in business relationship management, government affairs, media relations and digital media. Jeff has a proven track record of success leading marketing efforts for start-ups, including new businesses in Asia.

Jeff is a stakeholder engagement and communication specialist and most recently served as the Manager of Communications and Stakeholder relations for a B.C. Government Crown Corporation.

Jeff has worked as a political advisor for three different city councilors from across the political spectrum at the City of Toronto, and as tour planner for the Ontario NDP. His political experience crosses borders as he has also worked for Democratic Party candidates in the United States.

When Jeff is not in the office, you can find him out on the water practicing with his competitive Dragon Boat team or hiking up in the mountains.

Jeff Andrus
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