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Ron Dotzauer


With sharply honed instincts in political strategy and a winning track record, Ron Dotzauer is a highly-sought political strategist. At Strategies 360, Ron provides strategic counsel to a vast array of regional and international clients. The company – which was started in 1985 as Northwest Strategies – has rocketed to the forefront of public relations/public affairs firms in the Pacific Northwest.

Ron’s more than 30-year career in politics started in 1974, when he became the youngest elected county official in the state of Washington. He won the job of Clark County Auditor just two years out of college, defeating five people in a primary for the open seat. After successfully directing Henry “Scoop” Jackson’s re-election campaign for the U.S. Senate in 1982, Ron worked as Jackson’s state director.

In 1984, Ron ran Booth Gardner’s successful gubernatorial campaign, winning a three-person Democratic primary and then unseating incumbent Gov. John Spellman. In 2000, Ron stunned national political observers by leading Maria Cantwell to a victory in the U.S. Senate over a three-term incumbent.

With an unbeatable track record for winning campaigns, Ron shares his insight and skills at campaign workshops all over the United States and beyond. In 1989, he traveled to the Baltic States to help prepare candidates for the region’s first free elections. And in 2008, he spent time in Mongolia helping first-time female candidates campaign for office.

Ron was an integral part of four national presidential conventions – both Democratic and Republican. He provided around-the-clock political analysis for several media outlets. Ron is the person the media turn to for quick-witted and accurate commentary on politics at all levels.

A gregarious and warm speaker, Ron is well-known throughout the state for his signature cowboy hat. (He owns and operates a quarter-horse ranch north of Seattle). Even news headlines make reference to his image, including an Associated Press story that said: “Political cowboy notches third big win.”

Recently, Ron was featured in Seattle Magazine’s Hall of Fame – recognizing his impact on local, state, federal and even international politics.

Ron got an early start in politics. In college, he was named “Outstanding Student in Political Science.” He also served as president of the Young Democrats and produced a TV show called “Politics and Personalities.” An Everett, Washington native, Ron attended Lewis & Clark College for advanced graduate work and received a BA from Central Washington University.

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